First car: the Awesomatix A800X is equipped with the new C01B-X-LA Chassis and the optional C04M1-LA arm set, which showed great performance during the past test session at this outstanding WC-Venue.

Second car: It's equipped with the MMCX conversion set which provide the same momentum to the front and rear drives by useing two equal belt lengths. Also in this car you can find the new optional Long Arms (C04M1-LA).

In the D2.2 Dampers and the GD2B Gear Diff are the new developed P45R/P46R high precision Rubber Balls installed. The special anti sticking rubber provides a perfect sealing and at same time perfect volume compensation.

Chassis - Awesomatix A800X MMCX
Motor - Hobbywing V10 G3 4.5T
ESC - Hobbywing XR10 PRO
Battery - Team Silverback Siren HV 6400
Tires (handout) - Team Powers
Radio/Servo - Sanwa/MKS HBL 575 SL
Body - Protoform Type S Pro

Remarks - Freddy is running the latest Awesomatix A800X equipped with the MMCX Middle Motor conversion set here at the Welkom RC Arena. The car is also equipped with the just released new additional Long Arm Set. Freddy has chosen to use the Mid Motor car reporting a better steering response and more overall rotation. Freddy is also using a new rear Stiffener on the Chassis which is specifically designed for the MMCX to offer more flex options. Diff and dampers are built with the new Rubber Ball pistons which are made of special anti sticking Rubber for a better volume compensation.


M. Machler