- Awesomatix A700 Evo & Evo2 - Jake Danilchik - WCICS - Victoria - 11.01.2015 -

This setup has lots of steering with the sweep QTS tires. You can see, at speed, the car had plenty of steering yet not much steering angle. Very easy to drive too. Key points are very little oil in the gear diff, 1mm front hex shims, Mazda Speed 6 body, CA'd front tires , spool, little droop, and also last, but not least, the reversed l/r dampers for "reverse" asymmetric damping.

Also, my mod setup is an Evo II except I used the older stiff, longer, and wider alloy chassis plate, not the new narrow one.

A great result for Awesomatix at a three day event- The annual WCICS / IROCC SPEED WEEKEND Race in Victoria Canada , January 9, 10, 11, 2015. There were 230 total entries, 60 in Stock TC, 25 in Mod TC and 20 for VTA. Mod TC qualifying was very well represented by Awesomatix with 4 cars in the top 6 positions. 2 ~ Wayne Mah ( Evo ) 3 ~ Blake Bell ( Evo ) , 5 ~ Korgae Scales ( Evo II ) , 6 ~ Jake Danilchik ( Evo II ).
Also new Awesomatix USA driver Jacob Reese ( Evo ) qualified 3rd in Spec / VTA class.

The mains were single and resulted with Jake Danilchik taking the stock TC win piloting his EVO to an exciting race with Wayne Mah ( TQ ) finishing 3rd. Mod TC resulted in Jake Danilchik placing on the podium in 3rd with an EVO II, and Blake Bell in 4th. Korgae Scales and Wayne Mah met with some undeserved bad luck and finished 7th and 9th. Jacob Reese drove a great race from 3rd position to win the VTA class. All in all a very strong showing for Awesomatix at this amazing annual WCICS event in Victoria Canada.