A12 EC test setups from MC Welden e.V.

I ended up with two very good setups at my latest tests in Fuchstal, in order to work on setups for the upcoming EFRA European Championship. The main differences of the two setups are the different front end settings.

Both cars were super fast and I managed to do similar/identical hot laps and avg. laptimes. But the characteristic differ a lot on the track.

The grip in Fuchstal was rather high. As there will be a fresh ETS Carpet at the EC, I plan the following adjustments for my "start setup":
--> 60.000 middle damper
--> 15k front damping
--> bigger tire gap front to rear (0,6mm)

-1.5mm front plate + std front hubs:
more steering, more response, harder to drive, sometimes a bit more edgy, acts more like other "12th scale" cars
-6WV + ZT front hubs:
easy handling with good flow, high cornerspeed, always stable and corners very nicely/round


M. Machler