About car setup:
The "start setup" which I worked out at MC Welden e.V. didn't work as I hoped on the brand new and fresh ETS carpet of the Hudy Arena. I needed to change and adjust a few things. Especially tire sizes, as well as the use of a screw in the AM1205 side bar to gain more overall grip.
Also I switched to Protoform AMR shell, as the DRAKSTER was too edgy in the long bows of the layout.
I think this setup will work perfect as future "start point" for most racers on similar carpet.

About electronics setup:
My power package from Hobbywing & Sunpadow RC worked flawlessly! The new 8000mah Platin series batteries had great punch and consistent power for full 8 minutes!
The ESC setup is my std. which I always use, no any changes here.
Please note, the motor timing was/is set via Motolyser!


M. Machler