Chassis flatness and set Downstops setup.

Camber, Caster, Toe-in/out and Steering Lock settings.

Ride Height & Car Tweak

This one is very important in my opinion, as I saw many racers who don't care much about the tweak, but complain about not straight handling of the car.

I highly recommend to use a tweakboard with a solid 10mm block on the fixed side. This is an easy method to make sure the car is set correctly. It works also well for non Awesomatix cars!

Personally i do this before EVERY run!
Why? -> Because the tires and the inserts have some wear which can change the actuall diameter of the tire, which cause the setting of preload from the run before is probably not correct anymore.

And YES, for myself it makes the most sence to use the actuall race tires for this. This is what you race on, and not the perfect round and all same height alloy setup wheels. There will be some guys out there who are different opinion, which is fine to me. My own experience since several years are what I trust into the most and works very well for me.

The whole setup process with a tweakboard takes about 3 minutes which is very quickly done. Its worth to check and set this before every run.