Long time ARC driver Henrik Heitsch is debuting the new ARC A10 touring car this weekend here in Aigen. The new A10 was released shortly before the race, and Henrik was involved in testing of the A10 together with his european team mates. Henrik is racing the A10 in the Orca 17.5 Stock class this weekend, while his teammate Lars Hoppe is competing in the Awesomatix Pro Stock class with the new ARC car.

When we take a closer look on the A10, we quickly realise that ARC`s newest car has not a lot to do with the previous R12 models. The A10 comes with a new chassis layout, features long lower arms made from carbon fiber and a completeley re-designed suspension geometry for the actual demands of touring car racing. The A10 kit includes a caster gauge, body stoppers in the front and state of the art horizontal body mounting posts in the rear of the car. Henrik is running his A10 out of the box with aluminum spool outdrives and blue aluminum shims from torpine being the only option parts on his ARC car.

Body Shell: Blitz TCN 0,7mm
Speedo: Orca ETS
Motor: Orca 17.5 ETS
Battery: LRP 9400
Radio: Sanwa M17
Servo: ARC SRS
Tires: Matrix EP 036R ETS
Sponsors: ARC, LMI Racing, VW