- Alexander Hagberg - Tech Tips - Programmable Sanwa PGS Servo -

In this much anticipated video, I'll guide you through what the different servo settings do in the programmable Sanwa PGS servos. As always, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Your feedback is also very valuable to me! Use the chapters for a quick reference whenever needed!

The graphics and animations are courtesy of SANWA.

The subtitles are yellow to make them easier to read because of the white background in the setting examples.

You can watch the video in 4K, and with clickable chapters below

0:05 - Introduction
03:34 - BOOST
04:33 - D-BAND
05:32 - BRAKE
06:46 - Virtual examples of settings 08:28 - MV-MID and MV-END
09:46 - Servo setting suggestion for beginners
11:09 - How to program the servo using M17
14:04 - SSL-CH
14:25 - MV-HLD
14:59 - MV-FRQ
15:14 - MX-PW
15:50 - Multi Setting Gear menu explained on M17


A. Hagberg