After 3 days on testing and changing a bunch of things this is the set up I feel gave me the best results and should be able to be duplicated for others and other tracks. I tested different pistons, oil, and springs. Kyosho springs seem to be the go to spring so I ran it with good results. Both whites front and rear and golds. For tacky moist tracks the golds are the ticket. When it's sorta wet but starting to dry out the whites are the way to go. My personal belief on these springs is no matter how good they are they aren't worth $20 a pair. With that in mind I am a racers racer and I wanted to offer a setup that many could run and have no problems getting the items used.

I then switched to the AE springs which after talking with a few very trustworthy local racers we figured that maybe gray might be close to the Kyosho golds. The car was pretty good on the grays and the car jumped pretty well with a stiffer spring. One issue I had with these springs is that when the bite came up the car got twitcy and was a little harder to control if you needed to push the pace. I then switched to whites all around and boy did the car really feel planted to the track. I could put it anywhere on the track and it was stuck. Perfect amount of steering and it jumped pretty good as well. (stiffer springs felt like it jumped just a hair better) I experienced one issue that a couple of others have experienced and that's the eclipe popping off inside the shock. It's a tighter fit than on the Bmax shocks. Keep a close eye on how you snap them into place. Having extras won't hurt.

A variety of pistons and oils were also tried yet I feel that the 1.6's were the more consistent feeling IMO Feel free to try the setup out and I welcome your thoughts on it.