- Team Yokomo YZ2 - Fitting a B-Max Rear End -

By Bastien Garcia

After the last Euro, and the victory of Lee, I have try to design parts related to "his YZ2" converted with Bmax2MR Gear Box ( 4 Gears ).

YZ2 Steering Plate
Seen at the RHR Euro but with 3 location points...the original point and 2 other 2mm forward and 2mm backward. No more need to remove the shims under the ball on the bellcrank.

Battery Plate
Seen also at the RHR Euro , by using the 4 Gear tranny, the Battery holder is longer to catch the YZ2 locking point.

Rear Shock Tower
Could be interesting ( for YZ2 only , not for Bmax2MR ), this shock tower of 4mm of thickness got 2 more external location points...the same as the Bmax2MR location. Point in common, external on YZ2 shock tower and internal on Bmax2MR shock tower.
The aim, getting more rolling by setting the shocks "right"...following the track.( ex: bumpy )

Part No. Description Material Type Retail Price in Sterling for carbon parts.
YZ2 04 Shock tower (Bastien Garcia design) 4mm 12.95
YZ2 05 Steering links (Bastien Garcia design) C 3.90
YZ2 06 Battery brace (Bastien Garcia design) B 15.95


B. Garcia