I've been running the YZ-2 on a low to medium bite dry clay track. The car has allot of corner speed and steering due to it's weight distribution of 40% front and 60% rear when used out of the box. The car I was running before the YZ-2 was 34%/66% for distribution.

On our local track with M4 Electrons I could do fast laps with the YZ-2 with a normal setup but the consistency was an issue as the car lacks some grip in my opinion. I was able to improve my consistency and lap times by adding toe-in in the rear. I'm now using 5 degrees. I know some will think this is a bit crazy but it really helped. I played with anti-squat and found that 4 degrees worked well for me.

Last week I tried a rear front pivot made of brass that weighs 22gr and some brass battery weights that weigh 30gr each. I used 3 of these battery weights placed behind the shorty. By adding weight to the car it improved stability some more and made my laps even more consistent.

Prior to the brass rear pivot and brass battery weights I was running the YT-RW25 steel 25gr plate under the pack.