- YZ-2 Dirt Edition -

The YZ-2 Dirt Edition (DT) has a new designed 3 gear transmission has applied for the dirt special configuration, ball differential and special selected composite shock tower will also capable of reducing influence of drive reaction force on dirt. Gear cover is also standard for dust proof while at the race.

YZ-2 Dirt Edition new parts:
3 Gear box for DT
New Motor Plate for DT
New Gear Box Support for DT
New Rear Shock Tower for DT
New Rear Upper Arm Mount for DT
New Wing Mount for DT
New Battery Plate for DT
New Steering Arm Plate for DT
Standard Gear Cover for DT
New Main Chassis for CA/DT

Those parts are possible to mount on the conventional YZ-2 without any manual modification on main chassis. The dimension of new chassis are the same with the current one.