Although the kit includes flat front arms for stable handling in most conditions, you may have noticed that many of the team drivers elect to use the optional Z2-008FG Gull wing arms on dirt (for more steering through the corner).

However, the combination of the gull wing arms AND front steering knuckles in the fully up position (all spacers below the knuckle), brings both the front bottom edge of the lower arm and capture screw, to where it may rub against the rim when the wheel is under load while cornering and the suspension is compressed. As a result the wheel may not spin freely and cause a bind in the movement of the front suspension. So if you happen to be using this setup combination or have plans to try it, it is highly recommended that you first chamfer the edge of the front arms and capture screw as shown in the photos. Afterwards check to see that there is adequate clearance, and that the wheel spins freely with the wheel turned in and suspension compressed.