2wd Modified Buggy Team Orion HMX ESC Settings:

Basic Settings Screen:
Drive Mode: For/Brake
Drag Brake: 5%
Cut-Off Voltage: 2.8v
Punch: 10
Max Torque: 2
Max Brake: 70%
Initial Brake: 0%
Brake Frequency: 2000
Neutral Range: 3%
Top Speed: 100000
Blinky Mode: Off
BEC Voltage: 6.0v
Number of Cells: 2
Overheat Protection: Off
Number of Poles: 2

Timing Settings Screen:
Timing 1 Start: 1000 RPM
Timing 1 Scale: 1500 RPM/DEG
Timing 2 Start: 50000 RPM
Timing 2 Scale: 5000 RPM/DEG
Max Timing: 10 DEG
Turbo Delay: 0 SEC
Turbo Slope: 20 DEG/0.1SEC

Chassis - Yokomo YZ2 DTM
Motor - Orion VST2 LW 6.5T
ESC - Orion HMX
Battery - Orion 5000mAh 110C
Radio/Servos - Sanwa/MKS
Body - JConcepts F2
Tyres R/F - Sweep (Handout) / JConcepts
Remarks - Ryan Maifield is running the YZ2 DTM from Yokomo and having arrived in China with his base setup which has a number of changes made to it to help make the car less edgy. Looking for a balance between corner speed and being easy to drive, he has tried a number of different gear diffs and arm lengths but has reverted back to the standard length and stuck with the ball diff. In the end he went for a higher roll centre, reverted back to their standard spring and set the car with more droop on the front and rear.

New arms, new suspension holders, and rear bushings for easier adjustments.