Neal Lewis: why the TLR bits?

Jake Thayer: Proper bone length.

Neal Lewis: ah ok, you didn't have the correct Yokomo part in your bag...

Brian Szopinski: Is that to run tlr wheels?

Josh Andrews: I'm curious about this as well. Can you explain.

Neal Lewis: my guess is he didn't have the correct longer Yokomo bones, so used what was available. I wouldn't be copying this if you have the correct length bones.

Thomas Tran: The Yokomo 66.5 bones are too short with the Worlds pivot (which is wider that the standard DTM) and he's running #1 out with 28.5mm rear shock stroke. Yes TLR wheels will fit.

Steve Richter: Thomas Tran You sure its Inside on tower, outside on arm for rear shock postion? Kinda looks like Middle/middle?

Thomas Tran: Steve what? No. I'm pretty sure its middle middle.

Steve Richter: Thomas Tran I wasn't sure what you were getting at with the "he's running #1 out with 28.5mm rear shock..."

Thomas Tran: Steve the new worlds suspension mounts use the 4wd style pills... 1 and .5 and center. 1 out means he's running wide front and wide rear pills settings.

Jake Thayer: Brian Szopinski no, it's to run the proper dogbone length.


J. Thayer