October 5th-7th. Although this is my third year attending Indoor Nationals, this is the first year attending the fall round at RC Excitement. For this event, I ran the Yokomo US YZ2-DTM2 in Modified, Expert Stock, and the YZ4-SF in Expert Stock.

With the recommended tire compound being black slicks, going into the event I knew traction and tire game was going to be key to a podium. Facing these conditions at other tracks in the past, I came into the event with a good foundation.

Despite having a good showing in all three classes. Expert Stock 2wd would be the only event with a podium finish. Throughout the event, my DTM2 was feeling stable and comfortable. I settled on running Gold JConcepts Dirt Webs on the front and Black Ellipse on the rear. For the rear inserts, I ended up modifying them for a firmer feel. With this modification, I felt that the tire had better support in the corners but still allowed the ultra soft black compound to grip.

The track layout consisted of a couple very challenging triples that were too big for a stock car to do with comfort. Double-Single would be the safe line on the first triple and airing the second triple out while landing on the top of the table top would be the fast way to get around the track. With plenty of power provided by a SchuurSpeed 17.5 with the purple rotor, I needed a smooth and lite drivetrain to compliment it. Avid Aura ceramic bearings and MIP pucks was exactly what I needed.

Ultimately, I would close the weekend out with a top 10 finish in 13.5 4wd and a 2 in 17.5 2wd.


C. Eubanks