- Team Yokomo YZ-2 DTM Ryan Maifield Edition -

Great sensational car in 1/10 scale EP 2WD buggy category is the YZ-2. Now, top-ranked offroad specialist Ryan Maifield has joined Team YOKOMO on January 2017. The first thing he brought is his wealth of knowledge and racing experience since Yokomo was developing YZ-2DT for the world championship on November this year.

After the short time test, he adapted this car for Reedy Race on Janurary. And achieved a great results, super close to debut win.

Today we are proud to announce the new release of Ryan Maifieldīs YZ-2DTM. It will be released in the end of this month.

Meanwhile, there are several conditions of dirt surface, YZ-2DTM comes with laydown gear box to suite for modern type of high grip dirt track surface as a standard configuration. However we also prepared STAND UP GEAR BOX CONVERSION for low grip dirt surface racing tracks as well.

Maifield will continue to help Yokomo to develop our excelent car to be better suited to North American style tracks as well.

The new kit and conversion will start shipping on the 30th of March.

New features
- New rear shock tower brace for transferring down force to rear suspension mount
- Height adjust rear hub carrier possible to set up by 0.5mm
- Steering hub carrier adjustment has increased for more high grip surface
- JConcepts S2 body and Aero wing as Ryan use now
- New rod end delivered more smooth and increased reliability