During the friday and saturday we tried many ideas and this setup is from finals where car was really good. Was nice teamwork with Pumpi and Lee Martin. I think it can be good starting setup for you.

Some tips:
- If you feel that shock working to hard, then change O-rings for new one. I think minimum each month you need put new O-rings.
- Gull type front arms with shock tower reduce traction roll and car is more easy to drive with more corner speed. And sure for carpet better have all hard on front suspension (graphite arms, blocks and alu c-hubs)
- We used front Z2-412F and rear Anti-roll bar. Rear from BD7 (B7-412RSA)
- After Qualis we change rear hub from Z2-415RS to Z2-415R00 and car had after this change better landing.
- In shocks and diff we used oils from Axon