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Manuals Source
YZ2 - Manual Yokomo
YZ2 - Parts List - B-Max2 - Parts List - B-Max2MR - Parts List
YZ2 - Exploded View
Spring Chart
Gear Chart
Pill Chart (Toe & Anti-Squat)
Introduction, features and pictures: YZ2 / YZ2 CA / YZ2 DT / YZ2 DTM / YZ2 DTM WE
YZ2 - Chris Sturdy - Review
YZ2 - Review RCCA
YZ2 - Review Markus Schmidt
YZ2 - Review Jason Snyder
YZ2 - Review: the build 2wdMod
YZ2 - Race Spec & Pro Spec LMR
YZ2CA - Manual Yokomo
YZ2CA - Exploded View
YZ2DT - Manual Yokomo
YZ2DT - Exploded View
YZ2CA & YZ2DT - Parts List
YZ2DT - Parts for 3 Gear Laydown N. Lewis
YZ2DTM - Manual Yokomo
YZ-2CA/YZ-4 Aluminum offset rear hub carrier set (0░) for Z4-008RS4/008RL5 suspension arm
YZ2CA - Review RC Driver
YZ2CA - Review M. Schmidt
YZ2 Series - Techra 7075 Bulkhead Mounts M. Schmidt
YZ2 Series - Compare Chart
Blank Setup Sheet
YZ2 Editable Setup Sheet P040
YZ2CA Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
YZ2DT Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
YZ2DTM Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Starting Setup
Low-Medium Traction Clay Track
Lee Martin - Wet Astroturf Track
Franck Oudin - Base Astroturf Track
Neal Lewis - Indoor Low Traction Setup (Carpet, Wood & Gym Floor)
Brad Borneill - Astroturf Starting Setup
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups
Lee Martin's build
Yokomo France's build
Lee Martin's Gear Diff rebuild
YZ2 with B-Max2MR Rear End
YZ2 Euro 2015 Style
YZ2 Trackwidth
YZ2DTM gearbox brace on YZ2 or YZ2CA
YZ2DTM Front Gullwing Arms
YZ2DTM No Battery Holder
Steering Modification Guide M. Headling

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
15.09.2017 Ryan Reagle (DTM) Tucson Astroturf High Yokomo USA
01.07.2016 Tom Cockerill (DT) Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low (wet) T. Cockerill
24.06.2017 Joey Fisher (DTM) Beachline Astroturf High Bumpy J. Fisher
20-21.05.2016 Lee Martin(CA-DTM) BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf Medium-High L. Martin
18.05.2017 Tom Fielding (DTM) Reno Astroturf High Bumpy T. Fielding
29.04.2017 Brad Borneill (CA) Poor Boy Raceway Astroturf High Smooth R. Pike
21.04.2017 Randy Pike (CA/) CKRC Astroturf High R. Pike
20.04.2016 Joe Adragna (CA/17.5) Hobbytown Astroturf High J. Adragna
08.04.2016 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (DTM) French Nats - Meyrargues Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy S. Gallo-Selva
13.08.2016 Lee Martin (CA) BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf Medium Smooth-Bumpy L. Martin
16.07.2016 Simon Moss (CA) BRCA Nats - Telford Astroturf Medium S. Moss
03.07.2016 Tom Cockerill (DT) Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low (wet) Smooth T. Cockerill
05.06.2016 Michal Bok (CA) Mibo Arena Astroturf Medium Smooth M. Bok
14.05.2016 Lee Martin (CA) BRCA Nationals - RHR Astroturf L. Martin
08.05.2016 Patrick Ehmer Irish Astro Masters - Navan Astroturf Low Bumpy P. Ehmer
20.03.2016 William White Irish Astro Masters - Navan Astroturf Low/High Bumpy W. White
06.09.2015 Swen Lauber German Nationals - Singen Astroturf High R. Itoh
18.07.2015 Lee Martin BRCA Nationals - TORCH Astroturf Medium L. Martin
04.07.2015 Tom Cockerill Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Medium T. Cockerill
28.06.2015 Franck Oudin Gargenville Astroturf High Bumpy F. Oudin
13-14.06.2015 Franck Oudin French Nationals - MBGO Astroturf High Bumpy F. Oudin
07.06.2015 Jeremy Hong Urban Playspace Astroturf Medium Streetrevo RC
06.06.2015 Lee Martin Worlds Warm-up - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth L. Martin
09-10.05.2015 Franck Oudin French Nationals - Maisons-Alfort Astroturf High Bumpy F. Oudin
04.05.2015 Jeremy Hong Urban Playspace Astroturf Low, Wet Bumpy Streetrevo RC
03.05.2015 Gunther Lamberts WORC Astroturf Low, Wet G. Lamberts
28.04.2015 Daniel Holliday Summer Series - Westmill Farm Astroturf Medium-High D. Holliday
12.04.2015 Jeremy Hong Urban Playspace Astroturf Medium Bumpy Streetrevo RC
11.04.2015 Lee Martin BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf High Bumpy L. Martin
18.03.2015 Lee Martin RHR Astroturf High Bumpy, Dry L. Martin
17.03.2015 Danny Harrison RHR Astroturf High Bumpy, Dry D. Harrison
19.01.2015 Lee Martin TORCH Astroturf Low Wet L. Martin
27.12.2014 Shin Adachi Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Bumpy Hiroshi
18-21.01.2018 Jake Thayer (DTM) RROC - OCRC Clay Medium-High Smooth J. Thayer
05-07.01.2018 Ryan Maifield (DTM) CRCRC Hard Packed Medium Bumpy J. Pillars
30.12.2017 Rob Campbell (DTM) RadioactiveRaceway Clay Medium-High R. Campbell
09-10.12.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM) JC SNS - SpeedRC Clay High Smooth J. Pillars
10.12.2017 Ryan Reagle (DTM/17.5) Pizza Fest - MHOR Clay High Bumpy R. Reagle
11-18.11.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM)
Lee Martin (DTM)
WC - Xiamen Clay Low-Medium Smooth J. Pillars
05.11.2017 Max Flurer (DTM) Masters of Dirt - Myrthe Beach Clay Medium Bumpy J. Pillars
04.11.2017 Jake Thayer (DTM) OCRC Clay High (Wet) Smooth J. Pillars
30.09.2017 Travis Slover (CA/13.5) Jack RC Clay/Blue-Groove Medium-High Smooth T. Slover
17.09.2017 Bastien Garcia (DTM) RC Catalunya Clay Low-Medium B. Garcia
26-27.08.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM)
Shin Adachi (DTM)
Surf City - OCRC Clay High S. Adachi
11-13.08.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM) ROAR Nats - Gaithersburg Clay/Dirt Low-Medium R. Itoh
04.08.2017 Andrew Smolnik (DTM/17.5) OCRC Hard Packed Medium Smooth A. Smolnick
26.07.2017 Deric Lane (DTM) LSR Speedway Clay Medium R. Pike
17-19.07.2017 Lee Martin (DTM) EC - Pinerolo Dirt Low-Medium Smooth S. Adachi
07-09.07.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM)
Ethan Kovalsky (DTM/17.5)
JNS - Hobby Action Clay Medium
R. Pike
28.05.2017 Dujuan Moore (DTM/17.5) Whip It RC GP Clay Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy R. Pike
21.05.2017 Carson Wernimont (DTM)
Zach Ogdahl (DTM/17.5)
TRCR Clay High
Smooth Yokomo
Z. Ogdahl
12.05.2017 Dujuan Moore (DTM/17.5) LSR Speedway Clay Medium-High Bumpy R. Pike
13.05.2017 Joey Fisher (DTM) Lake Park Clay Low Bumpy J. Fisher
April .2017 Ethan Kovalsky (DT/17.5) Hobby Action Clay Medium Smooth R. Pike
30.04.2017 Randy Pike (CA/17.5) Stock Nats - OCRC Clay Medium Smooth R. Pike
14.04.2017 Tom Fielding (DTM) Reno Clay High Wet T. Fielding
01.04.2017 Randy Pike (CA/17.5/13.5)
Steven Northrup (CA/17.5)
April Fools - IRCR Clay Medium
Smooth R. Pike
10-12.03.2017 Ryan Maifield (CA) Desert Classic - Hobby Action Clay Medium R.Itoh
19-22.01.2017 Ryan Maifield (CA) Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Medium Bumpy R.Itoh
30.10.2016 Tom Fielding Track Time Hobbies Clay High Wet T. Fielding
08-09.10.2016 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (DT) CdF - Reims (Indoor) Dirt Low (wet) Smooth S. Gallo-Selva
01.10.2016 Chris Sturdy (DT) Sunshine Coast Clay Low Smooth C. Sturdy
18.09.2016 Robert Kwan (CA/DT Hyd) SDRC Clay/Dirt Low-to-High Smooth-Bumpy R. Kwan
17.09.2016 Juan Dagger (17.5) MHOR Raceway Clay Medium-High Bumpy B. Greenbaum
11.09.2016 Kaito Kodera (DT)
Kai Kikuchi (CA)
RC Maniax Arena Clay/Dirt Low Smooth Yokomo
21.08.2016 Chris Sturdy (DT) RC Hobbies Gold Coast Clay Low-Medium Smooth C. Sturdy
12-14.08.2016 Carson Wernimont (DT) ROAR Nats - Omaha Blue Groove High Smooth-Bumpy Yokomo
25-30.07.2016 Lee Martin (DT)
Tom Cockerill (DT)
Daniel Kobbevik (DT)
EC - Valladolid Dirt Low Bumpy Yokomo
24.07.2016 Chris Sturdy (DT) Chargers RC Dirt Medium Smooth C. Sturdy
16-17.07.2016 Carson Wernimont (DT) HRS - HRH Dirt High Smooth C. Wernimont
13.07.2016 Robert Kwan (DT) SDRC Clay-Dirt Smooth-Bumpy R. Kwan
July 2016 Jason Grimes (DT) SRI Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Grimes
14.06.2016 Carson Wernimont (DT) SDRC Dirt (wet) Medium Smooth-Bumpy C. Wernimont
28.05.2016 Lee Martin (DT) EC Warm-up - Valladolid Dirt/Astroturf/Concrete Low Bumpy L. Martin
19.05.2016 Randy Pike BMRK Clay High R. Pike
14.05.2016 Marcus Lind (DT) BMRK Clay Low Bumpy M. Lind
08.05.2016 Chris Sturdy (DT) 2016 AARCMCC Victorian Championship Clay Low Smooth C. Sturdy
10.04.2016 Sylvain Gallo-Selva (DT) French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Dirt Low Bumpy S. Gallo-Selva
30.03.2016 Team Yokomo (DT) TRS Circuit Dirt Low Bumpy Yokomo
30.03.2016 Team Yokomo (DT) RC Maniax Dirt Low Smooth Yokomo
12-13.03.2016 Lee Martin
Carson Wernimont
Cactus Classic - SRS Hard Packed High Smooth R. Itoh
21-24.01.2016 Lee Martin RRoC - OCRC
03.01.2016 Chris Strudy GCRC Clay Low Smooth, Wet-Dry C. Sturdy
07-09.08.2015 Randy Pike (Ymax) Traction Raceway - Reno Clay High Smooth, Wet R. Pike
07-09.08.2015 Carson Wernimont ROAR Nats - SRS Clay High Smooth R. Itoh
03-05.08.2015 Lee Martin
Marc Rheinard
EC - RHR Dirt Clay Medium Smooth L. Martin
M. Rheinard
11-12.07.2015 Franck Oudin French Nats - LVDM Dirt Low Bumpy F. Oudin
02.07.2015 Christoffer Svensson Swedish Nats - HRCK Dirt Medium Smooth Yokomo
13.06.2015 Joel Valander Finnish Nats - Vaasa Clay Low-Medium Smooth J. Valander
29.03.2015 Dave Beam (17.5) Blue Groove Hobbies Blue Groove Medium Bumpy D. Beam
15.03.2015 Lee Martin Cactus Classic - SRS Clay High Yokomo
07.03.2015 Chris Jones (17.5) Modesto Raceway Clay Medium Bumpy, Dusty Modesto RC
15.02.2015 Takeshi Shimizu (17.5) RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium Smooth RC Maniax
07.02.2015 STLNLST LSR Raceway Clay Medium, Wet Smooth-Bumpy RC Tech
31.01.2015 Joe Walters Fastlane Raceway - Kansas City Clay Medium Smooth, wet J. Walters
30.01.2015 Shaun Klobas (17.5) Outback Raceway - Chico Clay Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy A-Main
30.01.2015 Jack Smash Traction Hobbies - Reno Clay Medium-High Smooth, Wet RC Tech
24.01.2015 Takeshi Shimizu RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium Smooth, Wet RC Maniax
24.01.2015 Joe Walters Fastlane Raceway - Kansas City Clay Low-Medium Bumpy, Dry J. Walters
12.01.2015 Takeshi Shimizu (17.5) RC Maniax Arena Clay Medium Smooth, Wet RC Maniax
19.04.2015 Allan O'Brien SORC - Falkirk Grass Low-Medium Bumpy A. O'Brien
13-14.01.2018 Lee Henson (CA) MKGP Carpet High L. Henson
13.01.2018 Baptiste Roch (DTM) SIORC Carpet Medium Smooth B. Roch
17.12.2017 Markus Schmidt (DTM/17.5) Langenfeld Carpet Low-Medium M. Schmidt
03.12.2017 Guido Kraft (CA) MIO Carpet High G. Kraft
24.11.2017 Brad Borneill (DTM) PDX Underground Astroturf Medium Smooth Yokomo USA
20-22.10.2017 Lee Martin (DTM) EOS - Warsaw Carpet High
14.10.2017 Lee Henson (CA) WS - Silverstone Carpet High Lee Henson
09-12.10.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM)
Randy Pike (DTM/13.5)
IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
02.07.2017 Hayato Matsuzaki (DTM) JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth R. Itoh
June 2017 Team Drivers (DTM) JMRCA (Start Setup) Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
04.05.2017 Ryan Maifield (DTM) Golden Week Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
21-23.04.2017 Ryan Maifield (CA)
Lee Martin (CA)
EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth S. Adachi
01-02.04.2017 Shin Adachi (CA)
KaitoKodera (CA)
Wang Hai Feng (CA)
Tommy Dai (CA)
BAM - Shanghai Astroturf AsiaRC
17-19.03.2017 Lee Martin (CA) EOS - Arena33 Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
19.02.2017 Felix Rigby (CA) Southport Astroturf High Smooth F. Rigby
03-05.02.2017 Lee Martin (CA)
Daniel Kobbevik (CA)
EOS - Trencin Carpet Smooth
22.01.2017 Felix Rigby (CA) Southport High F. Rigby
06-08.01.2017 Marc Rheinard (CA) DHI - Odense Carpet
18-20.11.2016 Lee Martin (CA) EOS - Warsaw Carpet High Smooth S. Adachi
13.11.2016 Lee Martin (CA) Silverstone EOS Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
12.11.2016 Bjorn Prumper (CA) Limburg Carpet Medium B. Prumper
05.11.2016 Daniel Kobbevik (CA) VBC Invit - Stockholm Carpet High M. Kobbevik
29.10.2016 Ronald Volker (CA) Mibo Cup - Hvrotovice Carpet High Smooth M. Bok
25.10.2016 Kaito Kodera
Shinya Kimura
Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Yokomo
16-18.09.2016 Lee Martin (CA)
Marc Rheinard (CA)
Frederik Hovgaard (CA)
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet Medium-High Smooth S. Adachi
17.07.2016 Chris Sturdy (CA) NZOIC Carpet Medium-High Smooth C. Sturdy
30.04.2016 Marc Rheinard (CA) EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
13-14.02.2016 Peter Forster Indoor Master - Kongen Carpet Medium Smooth P. Forster
06-07.02.2016 Peter Forster Swiss Nats - Stafa Carpet Medium Smooth P. Forster
07.02.2016 John Painter BRCA/BWOC - Silverstone Astroturf/Carpet High Smooth J. Painter
29-31.01.2016 Lee Martin (CA)
Marc Rheinard
EOS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
08-10.01.2016 Tom Cockerill DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High Smooth T. Cockerill
03.01.2016 Lee Martin Silverstone Astroturf Medium Smooth M. Headling
03.01.2016 Mario Hauser Mautheuser Carpet High Smooth M. Hauser
12.12.2015 Neal Lewis Batley, York & Worksop Carpet/Wood/Gym-Floor Low Smooth N. Lewis
28.11.2015 Lee Martin ORW - Maritime Carpet/Wood Low-Medium Smooth Lee Martin
20-22.11.2015 Lee Martin EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
25.10.2015 John Painter Off-Road Wars - Maritime Carpet Low-Medium Smooth-Bumpy J. Painter
18-20.09.2015 Lee Martin
Carson Wernimont
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth R. Itoh
08.08.2015 Chris Sturdy Launceston Cup Carpet High C. Sturdy
15-17.05.2015 Lee Martin
Kaito Kodera
EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth L. Martin
K. Kodera
05.05.2015 Mark A RC Plus - Salem Carpet (Ozite/"Regular" mix) Medium RC Tech
20.04.2015 David Beam (17.5) MMR Astroturf High Bumpy D. Beam
05.04.2015 Shin Adachi Energy RC - Guangzhou Carpet High Smooth Yokomo
27-29.03.2015 Lee Martin EOS - Wels Carpet Medium-High Smooth L. Martin
21.02.2015 Lee Martin Midlands Raceway Carpet Medium Smooth L. Martin
08.02.2015 Lee Martin BWOC - Worksop Cork/Carpet Low Smooth L. Martin
01.02.2015 M. & S. Favrelle Nantes Carpet High Favrelle RC
31.01.2015 Lee Martin EOS - Berlin Carpet Medium Smooth L. Martin
27.01.2015 Daniel Holliday Silverstone Astroturf High D. Holliday
25.01.2015 Lee Martin Worksop Cork/Carpet Low Smooth L. Martin
10.01.2015 Tom Cockerill Silverstone Astroturf High T. Cockerill
10.01.2015 Bjorn Prumper MIO Carpet Low-Medium Smooth B. Prumper

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