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EB410 Manual TeknoRC
EB410 Spring Anti-Roll Bar & Bearing Charts
EB410 Features & Pictures
Build Update / Review by The RC Network
Review by Jason Snyder
Build by Tony Phalen
EB410.2 Manual TeknoRC
Blank Setup Sheet
EB410 - Editable Setup Sheet
EB410.2 - Editable Setup Sheet
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setups
Gear Mesh
Hinge Pin Modification K. Govaerts
Base Setup
EB410 Kit Setup
EB410 - Recommanded 13.5 Indoor Clay Setup - 25.01.2018
EB410 - Recommanded 13.5 Indoor Clay Setup - 08.02.2018

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
26.05.2018 Laurent Urbes Gargenville Astroturf Bumpy High L. Urbes
22-26.07.2019 Alex Zanchettin EC - Pinerolo Dirt
25-27.01.2019 Jared Tebo RROC - OCRC Clay Smooth J. Tebo
06.01.2019 Jared Tebo Fastlane Raceway Clay-Dirt Bumpy-Smooth Medium-High J. Tebo
10.06.2018 Tito Gonzalez SDRC Clay-Dirt Bumpy-Smooth Medium-High T. Gonzalez
10.06.2018 Brian James CRC Rumble - Rome Dirt Bumpy Medium B. James
10.06.2018 Simon Healy Mildura Clay Bumpy Medium-High Simon Healy
May 2018 Laurent Urbes Reims Clay Bumpy Medium L. Urbes
06.05.2018 Simon Healy Wodonga Clay Bumpy-Rotted Medium S. Healy
13-14.01.2018 Bob Barry (13.5) Mid West Champ. - CRCRC Clay Bumpy High B. Barry
07.01.2018 Ryan Lutz Januar Jam Hard Packed Smooth Medium R. Lutz
30.12.2017 Brian Szopinski (13.5) Keilor Clay-Dirt Smooth Low-Medium B. Szopinski
16.12.2017 Mike Keyes Keilor Clay-Dirt Low-Medium M. Keyes
03.12.2017 Tito Gonzalez Top Gun - SDRC Clay-Dirt Smooth High T. Gonzalez
20.11.2017 Mike Keyes Keilor Clay-Dirt Bumpy Low-Medium M. Keyes
29.10.2017 Joe Bornhorst Masters of Dirt - Myrthe Beach Clay Smooth High J. Bornhorst
28.10.2017 Jonathan Yeung Test - XMG Clay Bumpy Low J. Yeung
20-22.10.2017 Ryan Lutz Ohio RC Factory Clay Bumpy Medium R. Lutz
25.08.2017 Mason Eppley Surf City - OCRC Clay Smooth Medium TeknoRC
11-13.01.2018 Daniel Austin MKGP Carpet
28.01.2018 Ryan Lutz WTC - Rochester Astroturf Smooth Medium R. Lutz
20.01.2018 Brian James (13.5) Winter Blast Carpet Smooth High B. James
19.11.2017 Brian James (13.5) Battle of the Clans Carpet Smooth High B. James
07.11.2017 Kris Govaerts Limburg Carpet Smooth High K. Govaerts
28-29.10.2017 Arnaud Ledun Hallowen Race - Louvres Carpet Smooth Low A. Ledun
28.10.2017 Brian James (13.5) Small Additions Carpet Smooth High B. James
22.10.2017 Daniel Austin MB Models Carpet Smooth High D. Austin
09-12.10.2017 Ryan Lutz
Mason Eppley
Joe Bornhorst
Matt Wolter (13.5)
IOCC - Las Vegas Carpet Smooth High R. Lutz
01.10.2017 Matt Wolter (13.5) Ricochet RC Carpet Smooth High TeknoRC
28.09.2017 Matt Armeni (13.5) Ricochet RC Carpet Smooth High TeknoRC
Soft Dirt
15.10.2017 E-Mann Oregon Soft Dirt Bumpy Low RC Tech

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