- TRF511X Details -

This Off Road Racer TRF511 chassis kit picks up where the successful high-end 1/10 R/C Buggy TRF501X left off. From participating in road competitions, many valuable lessons have been learned and have been applied to making this TRF511 more user friendly and a lot more competitive.

About the Model
  • Although it follows the same general layout as the TRF501X, almost every part has been newly designed, making it lighter also improving ease of maintenance.
  • Thanks to the data taken from actual races, the suspension arms have been redesigned for improved performance.
  • The new drivebelts are stronger, more durable, and substantially reduces drive resistance.
  • Equipped is an upper/lower separate type center bulkhead which improves motor removal and installation efficiency as well as spur gear and pinion gear clearance setting adjustments.
  • New battery position improves the machine's weight balance as well as jumping and landing characteristics.
  • The suspension's new geometry guarantees greater stability and better turning performance.
  • Battery pack & charger, ESC, body, chassis cover, rear wing, tires, and 2-channel R/C system separately required.
  • A wide range of Grade-Up parts are available for further customizing your machine.
  • Note: This is a chassis only kit. A body and rear wing are not included. Items 54133 TRF511 Body/Chassis Fairing and 54134 Buggy Racing Wing lowered version Set are sold seperately