- Tamiya TRF511X - 84315 Upgrade Set -

84315 TRF511 Chassis Upgrade Set

This parts set is designed for the TRF511 Chassis and includes a wide range of race-spec Option Parts to further improve its performance potential. The new carbon lower deck and aluminum rear suspension mounts enable the chassis to be compatible with square-shaped battery packs. The new aluminum motor mount shifts the motor position towards the center of the chassis. In addition, the use of 39T pulleys results in an optimum secondary gear reduction ratio.

Set Contents:
- 2.25mm Carbon Fiber Lower Deck (new)
- Aluminum Rear Suspension Mounts (new)
- Aluminum Slide Motor Mount (new)
- Aluminum Center Bulkhead Bridge (new)
- Diff Joints (Front & Rear) (new)
- Drive Belts (Front & Rear) (new)
- TRF502X J parts (battery holder)
- 39T Ball Diff Pulley (Front and Rear)
- TRF417 Diff Plates (Front and Rear)
Compatible with TRF 511 chassis ONLY

84315 TRF511 18 upgrade set (limited RC)
1- We will release a set of upgrade parts to further enhance the combat power of ITEM42139 TRF511 Chassis Kit.
2- Improved chassis rigidity by changing the shape 1 (thickness 2.5mm), corresponding to the square-shaped carbon lower deck new battery
3- Angle corresponding to the battery type by changing the shape (FR / FL) 2 New aluminum rear suspension mount
4- Common battery holder 2 (parts 502X J)
5- Changing the position of the motor by changing the shape and belt replacement aluminum slide left and right motor mount 1 new
6- New aluminum center bulkhead roof 1
7- Optimization through the adoption of secondary reduction ratio (L / R) 2 39T diff pulley new joint
8- New drive belt 2
9- Ball Diff Pulley 39T 2 common
10- TRF417 Diff plate 2 common


I found that I could simply add 4x1mm spacers for the front aluminium brace and file down the plastic bumper rather than trimming the aluminium bit itself.

I'd mention again that I think Mr. Tamiya should have included adapted parts for us to use rather than making us trim existing ones.

I'm not sure of the benefits of the thinner chassis, it seems to serve no purpose as it in itself doesn't really affect the centre of mass but does expose a little more.

But I am convinced the belt swap allowing the motor to be moved inboard will be a big improvement, especially for those with short motor shafts as I have - now the mesh is much more confidence inspiring.

But the front belt will surely rub on the servo stay now... shame: