- Tamiya TRF503 - Build -

Also a little comparison for those of you that were wondering about the differences between the TRF511 Upgraded chassis and the TRF503 chassis

Little bit of Diff gear prep being done

400~600 grit sand paper to smooth out the back sides of the gears... they were very uneven and rough...

and the progress so far

How about a few new front hex options.. 12mm and 10mm
3mm~3.5mm thickness, so using a Kyosho ZX-5 / Losi 22-4 front rim should not be an issue for 12mm front wheels.. also the offset is only 0.5mm wider

How about some other parts that crossover from other Tamiya cars that work with the TRF503

TRF417 Steel light weight outdrives... need two sets to make it work on one diff..

TRF201 Light weight vented slipper plates and TRF 501x Bulk head brace..

TA-06 Front 39T One way.. for you that are brave enough to use them

Chassis Build up is all done...

Electronics all wired up
Body fit testing up later tomorrow