- Tamiya TRF211 - Jimmy Wright - Build -

A few weeks ago I received the new TRF211XM kit and commenced the build on this long awaited return to the composite chassis. For me ever since the very first RC10 (Gold Tub) I was not a fan of aluminum chassis on R/C vehicles. The main reason is the flex and as we have seen with our own XR and XM vehicles the weight. More importantly the ability to bend a chassis in the very slightest and never know why your car doesn't drive the same as new.

Now we have returned to light weight and the rigidity I have longed for with this platform. My last two XM and XMW buggies both had carbon fiber upper decks that I had built. They were nessesary due to the loading and unloading of the chassis that would cause immediate and unwanted unloading of the tires and therefor a lack of traction when you needed it most.

SO.... Without further adue this blog will show some of the sequence pictures during my build of this long awaited next generation World Champion in the making.

Starting out with the beautiful packaging and the special items I use to build all of my 2wd diffs.

A big mistake that most make when building the ball diff on the 201 is which side the diff screw goes in.

Best shocks in the industry! This is the easy way to load the seal pack and keep them aligned without chaffing the seals with the shaft.