- Tamiya TRF201x Diff Screw Dilema -

I'd like to address an issue which I have been answering questions about like "My 201 is handling funny." or "The right rear suspension arm makes a click when it compresses." or I can't get to the diff screw to adjust it.".

This is a common mistake when building (or rebuilding) the diff. In the instructions it shows a very faint and somewhat small arrow that twists. This means to flip the diff BEFORE inserting the screw. If you don't what happens is that the screw gets inset and is not adjustable externally. This also causes the diff nut to protrude out and come in contact with the ball on the dog bone.

So if this is somewhat confusing just remember that the diff screw goes through the diff half that hold the bearing "in" itself and not the side that has the "post" or "male" end. This side is the nut side.