Some modifications you can do to the car to assist traction, stability and steering

1: cut down the rear top deck. This increases chassis flex at the rear of the car, aiding traction in the rear on dirt and low-grip surfaces. I started with a standard deck and cut out the front and rear cross-braces to increase flex.

2: Cut 2mm from the front of the front arms & move them forwards.
This mod takes some weight off the front wheels aiding stability, but we also found it helped with mid-corner rotation at low speeds. simply dremel 2mm from the front of the front arms and add spacers behind to move the front wheels forwards. Note: this increases bump steer dramatically and also increases static caster, neither of these have had very negative side affects in my testing.

3: Add an extra shock collar to boost ride height using AE springs
I use AE springs as they are a good reference against many other cars, and there are many grades to choose from.
To get my car to the ride height i need, instead of stretching the spring and ruining the spring rate, I add an extra shock collar to the shock to push the car up higher :)

4: steering linkage modification.
You can easily modify the steering linkage from the servo to the bell crank, to eliminate the need to remove the linkage when youíre removing the centre differential, this also tends to make the steering feel a little quicker sometimes.

This uses parts that come in the kit, a long group screw, and 2 of the smaller ball cups that arenít used in the kit parts, just swap the bell cranks side to side and flip your servo!


C. Mitchell