Starting setup for Dirt/Clay low-medium grip

Track: West Coast Model RC, Bayswater, Western Australia

Chassis: Sworkz S104 EVO
Motor: Hobbywing V10 6.5T
ESC: Hobbywing V3.1

ESC Settings:
Throttle punch 3
brake punch 10
neutral range 6%
no boost
no turbo
max brake 100%
drag brake 10%
initial brake = drag brake

Servo: Pro Amps BLS139 (full size)
Radio: Hitec Lynx 4S
Battery: Pro Amps 4200mAh Shorty

2mm cut front arms
cut-down rear top deck
use additional shock collars to raise ride height to 22mm with AE Springs
extra 30g of weight added behind motor to add weight to rear and balance the chassis with full size servo installed
had to use plastic steering plates at event as I broke kit carbon ones…immediately designed new Bezerk steering plates (available from Bezerk RC)


C. Mitchell