Written by Chris Long for JE Spares

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Welcome to our guide on gluing tyres, we hope this guide will improve your skill on gluing tyres and improve confidence in doing so.

1. Start by preparing the wheels. They need to be clean before gluing or the glue may not adhere properly and result in tyres falling off half way through a race. Ensure there is no oil residue, dirt or dust on the mounting point of the wheel.

A tip for 1/10 buggy drivers is to create or enlarge the air holes on your wheels. This helps the tyres recover easily after big bumps and landings. Only do this if you are running in dry conditions though, excessive moisture/water can destroy inner foams and unbalance your wheels. Use a body reamer for this.

Body reamer

2. Once all four wheels are prepared, it's onto the tyres. Some tyres have a large bead around the inside and may not fit properly into the slot on the wheel. If this bead is too large then trimming a small amount off the tyre can be useful.

3. Once the tyres are ready it's time to mount them up and get ready to glue.

Mount your tyres (with the foams inside) onto your wheels as they should be. Make sure there are no lumps on the tyre and that it sits comfortably on the wheel.

We recommend pushing the tyre on one side further to the middle of the wheel. This pushes on one side of the tyre and will help the tyre stay in place when you apply the glue. Rubber Mounting Bands are a great alternative to this method.

2005 - JC Tire Rubber Bands

4. Once you are ready, it's time to get the Tyre Glue out and get these tyres ready.

Start by squeezing a few drops of glue into the gap in between the tyre and the wheel. The glue will run around the wheel. Place the tyre back onto the rim correctly as quickly as you can, the glue sets very fast so speed is of the essence here to avoid any mistakes.

After a minute or two, check how far the glue spread when you first applied it and apply more glue in the remaining areas.

5. Once the tyre has been glued on it is a good idea to seal the edges. Using tyre glue again, apply a few drops to the edge of the tyre and wheel and turn the wheel, allowing the glue to run round it and spread nicely. Leave this for a few minutes to set and then you're done.

Repeat the previous few steps on the 3 remaining wheels, on both sides and you are finished.