- Schumacher Cat SX - Brodie - Starting Setup - 15.10.2008 -

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This setup had a neutral feel with a slight push. Things i want to try on setup are rear sway bar, changing front inboard camber washers, set front belt back to standard tension, try a one way pulley, put some holes in body for better cooling on the electrics, trim wing to standard line & maybe just some other fine tuning. I think that's all for now.

Camber - negative 1 degree all round
Front toe in - straight
Ride height (measured without undertray for accuracy)
     Front - 26mm
     Rear - 25mm

Rear suspension -

Wheelbase - medium
Roll bar - none
Toe in - 3.25 degrees (3mm in rear, 0.5mm in front)
Lower shock position - in
Upper shock position - in
Hub - middle
Brace - 49mm
Inboard camber washers - 2mm
Rear anti squat - 1.3 degrees (rear 2mm, front 1mm)

Front suspension -

Front track washers - 1mm front & rear
Roll bar - none
Inboard camber washers - none
Outboard camber washers - none
Front rake - 10 degrees
Brace - 44 mm
Lower shock position - middle
Upper shock position - middle

Shocks -

Front -

2 holes
Losi orange springs
Diaphram spec - standard
Shock length - 82mm

Rear -

3 holes
Losi pink springs
Diaphram spec - standard
Shock length - 94.5mm
I also put 3 Associated 'o' rings on the rear shock shafts to prevent the outdrives from binding with the universals

Transmission -

Rear diff - low
Front diff - low
Front layshaft pulley - fixed
Front drive - diff
Front overdrive - no
Spur - 83
Pinion - 24
Internal ratio - 2.6

Electrics -

ESC - LRP Sphere
Servo - Futaba S9451
Reciever - Spectrum SR3100 DSM2
Battery - Reedy 20C LIPO 5000mah
Motor - Novak 7.5

Wheels - Associated

Front tyres - Losi silver tapers, standard foam not trimmed
Rear tyres - Losi red BK bars, proline 2 stage foam

Notes -

Losi spring lengths - front 2.0, rear - 2.5
Diff setting - front & rear - 45 degree back off from close
Slipper was set to have minimal slip
When mounting the battery, after gluing the tabs that slot into the chassis i then trimmed some thin lexan & glued that on the side of the tabs to stop the batter from having any play. I made it so it was a snug fit but not tight as that could after time tweak a chassis.
Both side vents were cut out on the body.