Chassis: Schumacher CAT-K2 Motor: Speed Passion
Batteries: LRP
Radio/Servo: Ko Propo

Remarks Newly crowned European Champion and top Schumacher driver Michal Orlowski is debuting the new Schumacher 4WD Buggy, called CAT-K2. Having a chat with Schumacher designer Phil Booth we understood that the main goal in developing the car has been transferring the weight distribution concept from their 2WD on to the new 4WD buggy, keeping the motor centred and moving it as forward as possible while obtaining a narrower car. The layout also allows the user to choose from 5 different battery positions, using a saddle pack or a shorty. The transmission is now completely straight and allows the use of the FAB (Front Adjustable Brake) System, while on the suspension only some small details have been changed.