- Schumacher CAT K1 Aero - U4718 - Forward Motor Conversion -

This forward motor conversion for the CAT K1 Aero has been tested by our high level drivers with great success. It is to be used on very high traction surfaces such as high bite astro and carpet to improve the cars response and laptimes!

The conversion shifts the motor 18mm further forward, this allows the use of shorty batteries as well as standard saddle packs. This enables the electronics to be in a much neater and tighter cluster, giving better chassis balance.

The steering mounting system has changed with the steering now mounted from the new thicker 2.5mm top deck. This also incorporates new camber link positions, which also can improve the car on high grip surfaces. With the steering mounted off the chassis it allows room for the use of a fan to cool the motor in high load conditions.

As used by Michal Orlowski to finish an awesome 4th position at the recent EOS race in Austria. See Michal' setup