U5116 - Bodyshell, Decals & Window Mask; Clear - CAT K1

U3404 - Alloy Yoke; 7.5deg - CAT SX (pr)

U3611 - Alloy Spring Seat - All shock types (pr)

U1573 - Titanium Turnbuckle; purple - 53mm (pr)

U3556 - Pivot Block M4; Front 10 degree - CAT (pr)

Part is same as U3302 as used on production cars but is now fitted with M4 Screw for extra strength. Transmission Housing will need to be tapped M4 to use this part or buy U3557 and U3558 Front Trans Housings with M4 hole.

U3304 - Pivot Block; Front - CAT SX (pr)

U4160 - Rear Alloy Block Conversion Set - K1/KF

The alloy rear block conversion gives the car more options for the rear anti-squat and toe in, as well as increasing strength of the suspension mounts. Increasing toe in will increase straight line drive and rotation through the corners. Increasing anti-squat will reduce weight transfer on acceleration, increasing on power steering. Reducing ant-squat will make the car go over bumps better.

U4162 - Centre Track Rod; CNC Alloy - CAT K1

Replacement for the kit plastic part in great looking black alloy. Same geometry as plastic part but stronger.

U4164 - Alloy Mount; Front Upper Trans - CAT K1 (pr)

U4133 - FAB Front Adjustable Brake Set - CAT-K1/K1 Aero

New for the CAT K1 is this FAB (Front Adjustable Braking) system.

The FAB system is just that, it allows you to adjust the amount of braking to the front wheels via the pressure pads controlled by tightening the external side nut.

Fully tight the car operates full time four wheel braking (as per standard kit specification), fully backed off acts like a one way layshaft.

Adjustment allows proportional control of front braking allowing you to tune the cars handling to all circuits and driving styles.

On the opposite side is the CAT K1 vented slipper clutch.

U4327 - Alloy Servo Mount Black - K1/Mi5

U4616 - Alloy Upper Rear Trans Housing V2 - KF/K1/Aero

This new, stylish alloy upper transmission housing for the Cougar KF, CAT K1 and CAT K1 Aero. Replaces the old #U4171 but is much improved!

This version allows you to mount the shocks simply and quickly in front of the axle or behind with the removal of 2 screws.

Shocks in front or in the rear is an important tuning option. On the front provides the best solution for high grip with good steering and responsiveness. Shocks on the rear gives good stability on bumpy or slippery tracks.

U4172 - Roll Bar Set - Rear - K1/KF - Set 4

Schumacher's 13 year old star Michal Orlowski has been crowned EFRA European 4WD Off Road Champion!

After taking an awesome TQ ahead of some of the worlds best drivers Michal took his first international title after an epic battle with Neil Cragg and Jorn Neumann in the 3 legged mains. Needing to win in the last leg to secure victory Michal opened up a small gap at the start of the race but was put under immense pressure from Neil until the last but one lap when Neil made a small mistake allowing some breathing space. Michal crossed the line to become 4WD Off Road European Champion 2015.

Not only did Michal take an excellent victory Joseph Quagraine and Peter Pinisch backed it up with their CAT K1 Aero's with a 7th and 8th place respectively.

4WD Final overall result:
1. Michal Orlowski — Schumacher CAT K1 Aero
2. Jorn Neumann
3. Neil Cragg
4. David Ronnefalk
5. Lee Martin
6. Martin Bayer
7. Joseph Quagraine – Schumacher CAT K1 Aero
8. Peter Pinisch – Schumacher CAT K1 Aero
9. Elliott Boots
10.Renaud Savoya

Michal used a standard CAT K1 Aero with a Speed Passion 6.5T V4 motor and KO RSx2 Response servo powering him to victory.

He used the following Speed Secret items to complement his car;

Earlier in the week the 2WD event took place, the Cougar KF2's performed well with the new Mid Motor Conversion and Peter Pinisch and Michal made it into the A main with Peter qualifying 4th overall, a strong performance.

2WD A-final result:
1. Lee Martin
2. Neil Cragg
3. Marc Rheinard
4. David Ronnefalk
5. Jörn Neumann
6. Wesley Van Helmond
7. Peter Pinisch – Schumacher
8. Tom Cockerill
9. Hubert Hönigl
10.Michal Orlowski – Schumacher