- Schumacher CAT K1 Aero - Install KF2 Rear Suspension -

Here is below what you need to fit a KF2 rear suspension in a K1 Aero:

U4686 - Rear Suspension Strap - KF2

U3729 - WishbonePivot Spheres - Cougar SV pk4

U4683 - Suspension Block RH - KF2

U4684 - Suspension Block LH - KF2

U4663 - Rear Trans Housing RH - KF2

U4664 - Rear Trans Housing LH - KF2

U3719 - Pivot Pin; 45mm - Cougar SV

U4685 - Anti-squat Spacers - KF2

U4668 - Rear Dirt Covers - KF2

U4055 - Wishbones; Rear Kit - Cougar SV2

U3716 - Pivot Pin; Screw Type 32mm pr

2.5mm carbonfiber chassis, modified to fit the KF2 housing.