2014 E.O.C. Series Re-Cap

The series went from May 2014 thru September 2014 so there was critical set-up changes made to the car in the later part of the season when the temperatures dropped dramatically from usual summer temps here in Canada.

The set-up posted here was from the later part of the season where most were struggling to find the right set-ups for the cooler temps in September. When the temperatures were warmer I did use Losi Oils (30 weight) in both the front and rear shocks. With the cooler temperatures I found the Associated oils stayed more consistent. Also in the warmer temps I used the standard forward shock mounting positions and only switched to the rear mounted shocks as posted with the cooler temperatures.

Car is very stable with a ton of rotation. If you find with the posted set-up your struggling with mid corner rear grip move the rear hinge pin holders to the lower location this will increase mid corner grip. The shock length is critical in this set-up the amount of front and rear droop is what really helps the car square up quickly on corner exit. Also, in one of the attached pictures you will notice 2 Winglets attached to the aft left and right side of the body Ö This was used throughout the series and helps a great deal with high speed stability. They were fabricated from a section of an old Schumacher wing and secured to the body using MIPís Stickeez (PN/: 5115).

Series went very well and with this set-up I was able to secure the most wins, TQs and top 3 finishes for the entire 17 race series.

As always if you have any questions feel free to email sar-rc-raceway at hotmail.ca

Cheers and good luck
Billy Sutton


B. Sutton