- Schumacher CAT K1 to CAT K1 Aero -

Darryn Johnson

For those of you drivers running the brilliant CAT K1 - and want to upgrade to the new Aero spec - here is a list of the parts you will need to do the complete conversion:
    U4502 - Carbon Chassis
    U4503 - Carbon Top Deck
    U5123 - Body, mask and decals
    U5124 - Rear Aero wing
    U4365 - Black Hex rear wheel
    U4495 - Black Hex front wheel
    U4174 - Gear Diff (you will need 2)
    U4498 - Alloy Layshaft mount - LH
    U4499 - Alloy Layshaft mount - RH
    U4497 - Front nut guard
    U4489 - Rear nut guard
    U4388 - Rear alloy wheel hex
    U4507 - Front Alloy wheel hex
    U4476 - Carbon Fibre Rear shock mount
    U4505 - Carbon Fibre Front shock mount
    U4500 - Rear idler post
    U4508 - Big Bore shock - pro bushing
    U4501 - Steering pivots
    U4490 - V2 Big Bore MED shock bodies
    U4491 - V2 Big Bore LONG shock bodies
    U4488 - 12mm Hex Drive pins
These parts will bring your K1 up to the very latest AERO spec for the 2014 racing season.