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Things you'll need:
  • KC Ball Diff
  • Middle Diff position inserts
  • Dremel tool with 1/2" grinding stone or sanding drum.

    Step 1: The installation of the conversion kit is easier if you remove the transmission. Disassemble transmission and set aside all parts in the picture below.


    Step 2: Locate Slipper Shaft.


    Step 3: Mark with a sharpie 21mm from idler gear end. You will Dremel 2 flats 180deg apart on this mark.


    Step 4: Dremel 2 small flats 180deg apart. Tip: It helps to mark the existing idler gear flats to use as reference.


    Step 5: Dremel the chassis slightly in location in picture below. Just front of center in factory relief. This provides clearance for larger differential pulley. Not much material needs to be removed (.5mm).


    Step 6: Locate Front Pulley and install set screws loosely.

    IMG-5617.JPG IMG-5618.JPG

    Step 7: Test fit Slipper Shaft. The 2 flats you ground into the Slipper Shaft should appear like in picture on left side of transmission.


    Step 8: Test fit Front Pulley and belt. Set screws go on left side on the flats you machined with the Dremel.
    DO NOT tighten set screws completely!


    Step 9: Install 4x11 flanged bearing, bushing and nut on idler side of Slipper Shaft (Retain stock 5x11 bearing for durability). The nut on the idler gear side of the Slipper Shaft will control end play. Snug slowly until you have approximately .5mm end play in Slipper Shaft.

    DO NOT overtighten this nut! You will destroy the Slipper Shaft bearings. Make sure shaft spins free.


    Step 9: Remove set screws in front pulley and Loctite. Make sure pulley does not rub on transmission housings. Adjust as necessary.

    Step 10: Locate your KC Ball Differential, Klinik Differential Pulley and disassemble to replace pulley. Install 5x10 bearing in differential pulley. Re-install your differential balls in the inner differential ball holes in pulley. You will have 2 left over (12 total). Remove the 2x washers between the stock differential bearings and set aside (these are not reused). Assemble differential and adjust normally.


    Step 11: Dremel a bevel on rear arm mount as pictured below.


    Step 12: Install middle differential height adjusters on outdrive bearings and install diff. Install transmission as per KC instructions and adjust belt accordingly. If you are using Position 2, install upper deck as per KC manual. Install the lockout spur gear assembly if you have the Max Stock Conversion or factory slipper assembly if you have the Max Mod Conversion. Position 4 Should end up looking like below picture.


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