This weekend we went to the very nice astro track of Merchtem for our 5th national.
saterday we tried our 2 different 22.3.0 cars to see what was best on the bumpy and medium grip astro track.
at first i liked the normal standup car couse our laydown was kicking its back on 2 jumps if i did not land them right but after a piston change it changed towards the laydown at last we took out the gear diff and put in the dirt laydown and we where good to go.
it was a very importand race couse i only needed a 4th place to secure the overall championship 2wd
so i did not go in like an madman but tried to be fast and safe
after qualie, i had the TQ so not to bad with a safe setup car
i won the first 2 finals with 5 minute,s attacked by Nico Risser and Thibault Jacqueloot i had not much room but a win is a win
at last couse we won already we tried the standup 3 gear on the last final to see if we where right and even thouhg it run great it was 1/10th slower then the laydown

so this is my 5th national championship in a row
so happy with this
now in 4 weeks the 25th we have our last National on the fast track of Zolder see you all there

thanks to all my sponsors who are very importand to me


W. Van Helmond