In this post I'm gonna talk about some of the setup changes I made to my TLR 22 3.0 buggy and TLR 22T 3.0 truck while at Motorama to accommodate the slightly looser track conditions.

In the case of Motorama this past weekend, I was told we were going to be running an outdoor pin style tire. So I made sure my stand up transmission was in both of my 3.0 vehicles. I went with my normal stand up setup on both cars. After my first practice runs, I decided the first change needed was to lighten the shock oil up in the car front and rear to get the car to settle in the track more and go through the bumps better. Lighter oil will help the car transfer weight to the rear of the car a little quicker and increase the rebound speeds to help get through bumps better. In my buggy I went from 35 front and 30 rear, to 32.5 front 27.5 rear and my truck I went from 35 to 32.5 in the front and 27.5 to 25 in the rear. This gave me that extra weight transfer needed for the car to produce more overall traction.

I also increased the rear toe-in on both cars from 3.0 degrees to 3.5 degrees to get a little more overall traction out of the cars.