TQ & Winning Team Orion Equipment Used By Dakotah Phend: Dakotah Phend's TQ & Winning Team Orion R10.1 ESC Settings:
ORI65128 Vortex R10.1 Pro ESC
ORI28309 VST2 LW 7.5 Brushless Motor
ORI41445 150mm Sensor Wire
ORI14066 4500 100C Shorty LiPo
ORI30237 Touch Duo AC/DC Charger
Geared: 22/78
Version: V2.06_140312
Software: V3.0_111208_MOD
Running Mode: For/Brake
Drag Brake: 11%
Voltage Protection: None
DRRS Punch: 7
Brake Force: 62.5%
Reverse Force: 25%
Initial Brake: DragBrake
Neutral Range: 6%
Overheat Protection: Disable
Boost Timing: 10
Turbo Timing: 10
Turbo Slope: 24
Turbo Delay: Off
Chassis: Team Losi Racing 22 3.0
Motor: Team Orion VST2 Pro Lightweight 7.5-turn
ESC: Team Orion R10.1 Pro
Battery: Team Orion Carbon Pro 4500mAh shorty pack
Radio: Spektrum DX4R Pro
Receiver: Spektrum SR2000
Servo: Spektrum 6240
Tires: Pro-Line Electrons, MC compound
Wheels: Team Losi Racing
Body: Team Losi Racing lay down 22 3.0 body
Option parts: TLR lay down conversion kit with dirt lay down transmission, aluminum servo mounts and aluminum rear hubs