Last Sunday we had round 3 of the Off Road Wars series held at the very well run Maritime Raceway. I came into this round leading both championships and having an edge of confidence.

Coming into practice I had been playing with the new 22 3.0 set up wise and not hit the sweet spot since the 2nd round. So decided to switch back to my original set up with a small oil change all round and a different front spring. Car felt great in practice. My 4wd I had got into a good place, but decided to make some drastic changes, closer to what the rest of the team was running really. The felt good in practice with big E mentioning it looked like it was on rails. Easy and fast, how you want a 4WD.

Round 1

4WD out first and the car was dialed from the off. Small errors cost me the odd second but a solid run giving me TQ

2WD : With Jack out on new tyres, myself and Ellis got through and would begin to fight it out for TQ, both of us making errors through the run I would finally come out in front, but by the time this all come about local fast man Richard Gasson had got ahead of me on the stagger, pushing hard to get back ahead I made an error putting my 22 on its roof. Still getting a good 2nd in round though.

Round 2

4WD : Again, coming out the blocks very quickly. My 22-4 was dialed and fast! Getting another TQ in round.

2WD : Richard led us off but making a small error early letting me past were I kept the car on its wheels to take a TQ in round.

Round 3

2WD : This was a more so so round, making errors I only managed a 9th in round and with Jack taking this round it left TQ pen for the final round for anyone to take!

Round 4

2WD: I got out the blocks quickly behind Jack, knowing he had a small pace advantage I decided to just hold my position and not risk throwing it off. Jack got it wrong at the end of lap 1 breaking his RB6 and as everyone behind me made errors I put in the fastest time of the day and taking TQ for the meeting! " in a row for the 22 3.0!

4WD stayed the same for the day, taking every round in Qualifying to line up on pole in both classes!


2WD final started off with intent. Everyone was pushing and I knew I could not afford to make any errors. Everyone was very quick behind me but I managed to keep them at an arms length. Jack had worked his way up to 2nd from 5th and was pushing very hard, taking a second out of me in one lap I knew I had to up the pace so pushed as hard as I dared. Minute to go and I clipped a corner getting it up onto 2 wheels Jack squeezed past me. Battle royal commenced from then. I wasn’t going to let him take this so put a huge amount of pressure on jack. Knowing I was faster on a specific part of the track I just gave Jack a very small unsettling tap going into the corner, unsettling him on the next section he took himself off, letting me through for the win and meaning the 22 3.0 is keeping it 100% record at off road wars!

4Wd did not go exactly as planned, making a small error costing me the double for the weekend. But the 22-4 showed it is one of the fastest cars out there again!

Big thanks to the guys at Horizon Hobby UK for supporting me and a shout to Chris De1lves for his guidance track side.