Sunday just gone was the first round of the 2wd SE regional at 1066 raceway in Hastings. This round is held indoors on a full carpet track with some real nice features that work just perfect. The club hasn't been round long but is already well established. Firstly want to just say well done to them.

Practice came first and I had pretty much left the car as it was coming off the weeks previous meeting at Eden park. The car felt really good from the off. Easy and smooth to drive. All I decided to change was to put a gear diff in with 5k oil. Just to give the car the extra drive needed on the full carpet track.

Round 1 was cut short due to a marshal standing on my car and damaging the servo horn.

Round 2 I decided to switch out the UJ's and fit CVA shafts in the car. With there being no bumps the CVA shafts generally give the car better drive and lock the rear in a lot more. Starting from the back I managed to work my way through making no errors to come out with a TQ in round.

Round 3 was much of the same. Start to finish with no errors meant I now had a very quick time to back up my 2 TQ runs.

Round 4 I made a small error. Letting Stuart rand and Kyle moon through they both made errors early on. Knowing I couldn't improve and with only Stuart able to take TQ, plus Kyle getting ahead of him on track I decided to pull off to save tyres as the track was eating them up fairly quickly.


Leg 1
Leg 1 was good for 4 and a half minutes till a random grip roll that hadn't been an issue all day caught me out and put young George Tollman on my tail for the last 30 seconds. I managed to hold him off to take the win.

Leg 2
This time no errors. Lights to flag win meaning I took the meeting.

I went out for leg 3 but again got caught out by a really random grip roll pushing hard to see how fast I could go. Came through for a second place still with the fastest lap of the day. Proving again the car had plenty left in the bag if I needed it.

The 22 3.0 laydown was so easy to drive all day. Not once really having to push the car to be on the pace. Also the fact the car was still running its outdoor set up. Shows the window for set up is very easy to find with this car

Thank you to horizon hobby uk for there support and there hard work on this brilliant car.

Thanks to Billy for the report.


B. Fletcher