- TLR 22 4.0, 22 3.0, 22 3.0 SR and 22T 3.0 - Servo Mount, Chassis Brace Servo Options -

This week I would like to talk about TLRís option part Servo Mount, Chassis Brace (TLR331019) for your TLR 22 4.0, 22 3.0, 22 3.0 SR, and 22T 3.0. This option part allows the customer to run his or her servo either in the stock forward position or move the servo back in the car 4mmís. Moving the servo to the optional back location requires some trimming of different components.

1. Trimming of TLR231065 Mud Guard in locations indicated in picture below.

2.Relocated servo horn ball stud to the front of the servo horn see picture below.

3.Trimming of TLR1052 Front Bulkhead in location indicated in picture below.

- Before trimming

- After trimming