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Setups: Astroturf, Clay/Dirt, Grass, Indoor, Soft Dirt, Miscellaneous

Manual Source
ZX7 Manual Kyosho
ZX7 Exploded View
ZX7 Parts List
ZX7 - Details & Pictures
Anti Squat Chart J. Tebo
Blank Setup Sheet
ZX7 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0

Base Setup
ZX7 Andrew Rizzo Base Clay/Blue Groove Setup E. Albertoni
Enzo Albertoni Medium-High Traction Smooth Clay Starting Setup E. Albertoni
Tips & Tricks

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
24-25.08.2019 Karl Marsden BRCA - Stotfold Astroturf High Bumpy K. Marsden
12.05.2019 Remy Bertrand
Lilian Dolle
French Nats - Gonfreville Astroturf High
Bumpy Kyosho
07.04.2019 Remy Bertrand
Sylvain Gallo-Selva
French Nats - Grenoble Astroturf Low (Wet)/High (Dry)
Low (Wet)
Bumpy-Smooth Kyosho
20.01.2019 Kamran Wells NEWS - Broxtowe Astroturf Medium (Wet) D. Wells
July 2019 Enzo Albertoni
Gabriel Galeano
Gaithersburg Blue Groove Medium-High Smooth E. Albertoni
G. Galeano
07.07.2019 Kohta Akimoto JMRCA Nats - RC Park Gojo Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
12.04.2019 Andrew Rizzo FTI - EN Hobby Blue Groove Medium Bumpy A. Rizzo
07-10.03.2019 Andrew Rizzo Desert Classic - Hobby Action Blue Groove Medium-High Smooth A. Rizzo
10.03.2019 Kohta Akimoto RC Maniax Arena Clay High Smooth Kyosho
25-27.01.2019 C.J. Jelin RROC - OCRC Clay High Smooth Kyosho USA
10-13.01.2019 Enzo Albertoni CRCRC Clay/Blue Groove Medium Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
13.01.2019 Kohta Akimoto RC Maniax Arena Clay High Smooth Kyosho
27.12.2018 Kohta Akimoto Champ Stadium Clay Low Bumpy Kyosho
Dec 2018 Andrew Rizzo TAP - New Jersey Clay/Blue Groove High Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
Dec 2018 Enzo Albertoni Gaithersburg Clay/Blue Groove Low-Medium Bumpy-Smooth E. Albertoni
24.03.2019 Kohta Akimoto K Meet - OHM Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
09-10.03.2019 Remy Bertrand
Sylvain Gallo Selva
French Nats - Merlevenez Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
02.02.2019 Shawn Thompson Junction 16 Carpet High Smooth S. Thompson
16.12.2018 Elliott Boots 1066 Hastings Carpet High Smooth E. Boots
16.12.2018 Kohta Akimoto NRAC - North Gwanju Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
01-02.12.2018 Yusuke Sugiura
Kohta Akimoto
JMRCA Nats - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
01.12.2018 Braxten Culley PCRC Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
01.12.2018 Shawn Thompson WS - Junction 16 Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
18.11.2018 Kohta Akimoto Start JMRCA Nats - Yatabe Arena Carpet High Smooth Kyosho
Soft Dirt

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