- Kyosho ZX6 - Using RB6 Rear Arms -

The mount I fabbed up so I could use the RB6 rear arm and the stock ZX5/6 sway bar wasn't too hard to do. I probably could have made it look a lot nicer, but it gets the job done. I tried to use the stock sway bar ball cups with the stock sway bar and RB6 rear arm, but I didn't like the bind it had or the angle the sway bar links sat. Now they sit just about right where they need to be and I have room to adjust the sway bar preload, where before I couldn't.

Parts used:
- RB6 plastic shock mount with flange trimmed to fit the inside of the Rb6 arm
- Short shock rod end, was almost the exact right height as the short ball cup.
- Button head screw, just long enough to hit the rear arm webbing or a mill short of that. Didn't measure the screw length, maybe 12mm long I think.

I trimmed the RB6 shock mount to kind of key in to the rear arm webbing triangle to help keep the mount in the right position when I went to put the screw in from the front of the arm. I spent more time trying to trim the shock mount down enough than it took me to put it all together.

Hope guys like it and maybe it'll help guys that want to run the RB6 rear arm on the ZX6 and make it easier to use the sway bar.

Note: I do have the 3rd option shock mount hole already drilled on the arm, but haven't used that hole yet to say for sure if using that hole will have the shock and sway bar hit each other. Just from looking at it, it'll be very close if they don't hit/rub when using that hole. I'll have to check that.


After my note in my last post I decided I'd check the clearance on the sway bar linkage and rear shock spring if you use the option drilled hole for the rear shock on the RB6 arms.
At full droop, the linkage clears the shock spring by 1-1.5mm and at ride height to full compression the linkage clears the shock spring by 3-5mm. Clearance shouldn't be an issue for guys using the RB6 arms with the 3rd shock mount hole drilled in the arms if they opt to mount the sway bar as I did with the RB6 arms on the ZX6.

Hope that'll help some guys out.