- Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 SP - Orange - Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout - 27-29.06.2008 -


Setup with Lithium-polymer batteries


Piston: 3-b
Spring: Light Yellow
Oil: Losi 35 wt
Camber Link: Inside 3, outside 1 (Long)
Shock Mount: Top Inside, Bottom Middle
#2 shim under front hinge mount
spindles down
1.0 sway bar
1/2 degree neg camber
Ride Height 23mm


Piston: 3a
Spring: Dark Yellow (Kit)
Oil: Losi 35 wt (I adjust this based on outside temp.... Below 80 degrees 32.5)
Shock Mount: Top Middle, Bottom inside. Tower reversed and shocks mounted in front side of a-arm. (Body will need modifying)
#1 shim under front-rear susp mount
e/c rear susp mounts positions
Camber Link: Inside (3), Hub: outside (2) 2mm washer under hub ballstud.
Hubs middle
1.2 Sway bar (Kit)
Camber -0-
Ride height 23mm

Weight on car will depend on battery and electronics chosen. Add weight to center line of chassis and left side of chassis to 1 gram above ROAR legal weight. If additional weight is needed, add to top of battery bar. All of my electronics (RX, ESC and servo) are installed on right side of car. This may make a difference on weight placement.

I used Red BK Bars with Trinity 2 stage, and silver tapers with standard foam. On a dry track with a light car setup, emphasis on smooth shocks is very important. I will change o-rings after every race day. Use the Orange X-Orings.

On wet track I remove front sway bar, change front springs to dark yellow and go to 32.5 weight rear oil. M3 Hole shots with Bomb 1 med foam in rear and 3/4 rear standard foam in front. 24 tooth pinion for 10.5