- Kyosho Lazer ZX5-FS - Steve Butts - Pegasus -


Here is the set up I ran at Pegasus Hobbies. Low to Med. bite outdoor track. I was running Inside Jobs on the front and Double Dee's on the rear (both pretty worn) Car was really good (new tires would have probably been worth a couple tenths a lap, but I didn't have any)

The car jump incredibly well, in air attitude adjustments no problem. Car just carves through corners. Awesome.


Piston: 3-b
Spring: Light Yellow
Oil: Losi 35 wt
Camber Link: Inside on bulkhead, outside on hubs (Long)
Shock Mount: Top Inside, Bottom Middle
spindles down
7 degree front hub
No sway bar
1/2 degree neg camber
Toe out/in: 0
Ride Height: bones level


Piston: 3b
Spring: Light Yellow
Oil: Losi 30 wt
Shock Mount: Top Middle, Bottom inside.
e/c rear susp mounts positions (using the aluminum LAW36 and LAW37 suspension mounts) Stock 3 deg toe in
Camber Link: Inside on bulkhead, Outside on Hubs, 2mm washer under hub ballstud.
Hubs forward
Stock sway bar
Camber 1deg
Ride height : bones level

Diff / Diff (no one way)