- Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS - Scottich - Small Clay Track -


Track consists of clay and we run pink compound losi tire ground down to slicks


Shocks: 3b pistons / yellow springs (#65) / Losi 27.5
Middle top and bottom for shock location
10* hubs
Axle height spacer is up
2mm spacer under hub ball stud
1.5 mm bellcrank spacer
Camber link inside on hub (2) and inside on tower side (3)


Shocks: 3b pistons / dk blue springs (#68) / Losi 25
Middle on tower and inside on arm for shock mounting
Hub spacing is forward
2mm spacer on hub ball stud
Camber link is long

All shims and spacers are kit setup
No sway bars

Motor: 8.5 with 23/78 gearing
Pro-tek rc lipo with weight on bottom of bat tray. Started out with weight equivalent to nimh and car just felt heavy to drive so lightened it up a bit. car feels nimble and planted now.
Do not want to run a one-way)