- Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS - Ben Ellis - Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout - 27-29.06.2008 -


A little quick information on setup for those purchasing the FS, standard setup is basically staying the same from the SP. This is what we ran at the shootout....


3-B piston. Losi 35wt oil. Silver springs (not the stock ones) Shock ends unscrewed 4 turns.
Shocks mounted inside on tower, middle on a-arm.
1-2 link * inside on bulkhead, outside on caster block (same as SP)


3-B piston. Losi 32.5 oil. Blue springs.
Shocks middle on tower, inside on a-arm. Hubs middle.
1-3 link, ( outside on hub, inside on bulkhead, same as SP ).

So as you can see, a little spring change in setup, stiffer for the SP, but that's about it.

From Jason Boulanger Gallery: