- Kyosho Lazer ZX5FS2 - Jared Tebo - Reedy Race - 29-30.01.2011 -

What setup have you guys been running up there at your track on the ZX5 FS2? I tried Tebo's Reedy race setup and noticed I couldn't carry as much corner speed as with the Surf City race at OCRC which I think was his first major race with bigbores and he already had a dialed setup. Anything new coming our way for Kyosho 1/10 chassis?

We have been running Tebo's Reedy Race Set-Up for the ZX5-FS2 up here. Im not sure if the set-up sheet shows, but we shortened the car 2mm in the front and 2mm in the back. This made the car allot more responsive. Also, going from 0 degree rear hubs to .5 degree rear hubs was a big difference. The .5's allows the rear of the car to slide a bit to take any push out of the car. Joe Pillars

What do you mean shortened? I know you can move the rear hubs forward about 1mm which I've done and like it.

We dremeled down the back inside of the front arm 2mm and then put a 2mm shim infront of the arm to take care of the spacing.

Then in the rear we dremeled the front inside of the rear arm 2mm and then put a 2mm shim in back of the arm to take care of that spacing. Leaving the hubs spaced in the middle of the rear arm. Joe Pillars