- Kyosho RB6 - JE Models - Build -

Welcome to our build gallery of the new Kyosho Ultima RB6 2WD Buggy!

Contents of the box, eyes drawn straight to the chassis no doubt!

Good old Kyosho instructions.

Front bulkhead, steering posts and ball studs.

Front bulkhead now assembled with the steering assembly ready to go on.

Front bulkhead and arms. The hinge pins are held in using a grub screw that tightens onto a flat spot.

The gorgeous chassis in all it's glory!

So much machining has gone into the chassis and we would need dozens of photos to show all the detail. Not a simple flat piece with the odd bit machined off, this is really well thought out and designed.

Front bulkhead assembly on the chassis.

TLR22 style front bumper/skid.

Notice the channels underneath the side pods? We thought it was just a moulding feature at first but then realised it's a channel for your servo or ESC wire!

The front upper plate needed a bit of modification, the two areas highlighted on the left and right are shown in a supplementary kit supplied with the kit. The little piece on the top stops the plate sitting flush on the front bulkhead so we sliced it off.

Front upper plate and shock tower now mounted up.

The front knuckles and hub carriers with axles. We were a little disappointed to see so many plastic washers/spacers when Kyosho could easily include their aluminium versions...

Hub inserts just like those on the Team Durango DEX210, a nice design which will probably catch on with others!

Turnbuckles..... Don't we all love building them! :)

Turnbuckles mounted up. The manual shows that the rod ends should be turned at different angles to hook up to the ballstuds but they show it on the wrong turnbuckles!

Ready to start the diff build.

Completed differential.

Rear bulkhead with shock tower and wing mount fitted.

Rear bulkhead and tower mounted to the chassis. Note the grub screws in the unused holes next to the ballstuds, a little trick that a lot of drivers have used and it's good to see things like that passed onto new kits.

Rear "gull wing" arms and hinge pins.

Fitted to the car with the front rear arm brace.

Gearbox time!

Assembled gearbox before sealing it up.

Assembled gearbox ready for the slipper. Note the small plastic ring on the outdrive.

Slipper parts, nice and simple

Gearbox fitted into the car, slides in easily and 4 screws fix it from the top and bottom.

Motor guard and rear chassis brace installed.

Rear hubs and driveshafts.

Rear outer hinge pins.

More turnbuckles built and the rear's looking almost there!

Shock time!

Assembly of the cartridge, this results in a solid seal and really well built shock.

New full aluminium shock caps are available now rather than two piece alloy/plastic caps.

X-Gear springs are used, an expensive spring but top quality and consistent.

Completed shocks, they are rather nice right?

Front shocks mounted....

....and the rear.