- Team Durango DEX410 - Ryan Lutz - Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout - 10.07.2011 -

4WD buggy contained a truck load of talented drivers and the TD boys would have their work cut out for them to win here. Ryan Lutz and Billy Fischer made the A-main in 4th and 5th respectively – and given the guys lack of electric running lately, this being Ryans second time running 4WD electric buggy! – things were more than acceptable.

The hilight of the finals was leg 1 as Ryan battled harder than he’s ever done before to catch and pass former multiple world champion Ryan Cavalieri for a dramatic win. Ryan finished second overall in 4WD buggy and is looking forward to racing more of the class now he’s found his feet!

Option parts used by the team:
TD320008 SIDE WEIGHTS BRASS 2pcs (24gms total BRASS)

Team Durango

This was the highlight of my weekend. The car felt good the entire time and I just needed to lay it down and drive it. In A1 it turned out to be one of the best runs of my career. I stayed close to the leaders from my 4th place starting position. I ran a completely clean race crash wise even though I did have a few bobble. In the closing minutes I found myself in 2nd place and gaining on Cavalieri. In the closing two laps I closed in from about 3 seconds out to right behind. On the last lap he was missing his marks and I was closing in fast. My knees were shaking but I knew what I had to do. Over the option double after the triple and right turn he took the double and I pushed out wide to the flat part and just gunned it. Over the ensuing double right before the finish line Cavalieri did a smooth double and I launched it and basically downsided his left front tire. I finished the final corner and took the win! In A2 I had another solid start. Within a few laps I was right behind Tebo when he crashed after that double before the line. I went inside and took the lead but wasn’t able to get the runup I needed to clear the next quad section. I cased it and crashed. Fell back to 3rd where the marshall put me down and I jumped the little double and landed on the edge of the pipe and rolled it over. This put me in 4th. I made another charge and got back to second and set my sights on Cav again but I ended up making a couple more mistakes and was relegated to 4th for the round. In A3 I had an issue from the second I put my car on the ground. It just wouldn’t go full throttle I don’t know what ended up being the issue but either way I couldn’t compete from the start. I ended up pulling it off early. Luckily however I tied for points for second place but had the better tie-breaker and thus took 2nd overall! Not bad for my second race with the DEX410. I look forward to getting even more comfortable with the car and doing some more large electric races next year. For this year I still have Nationals!

Ryan Lutz


Images: LiveRC

Videos: RC Insider